Equipment Hire

Protectorshell Services (MSD) have a range of equipment suited to cable installation that we offer for hire:

Air compressor

Trailer mounted and Diesel Powered maximum capacity 185CFM and 120PSI.

Cable Rollers

300mm wide Diablo roller with pillow block bearings mounted on galvanised steel frame. Suitable for all cables up to 200mm od. More than 200 available.


Takeuchi TB153FR, Zero swing and Side to Side offset boom, 5.6 ton complete with a variety of buckets for trenching or cable pulling work.


2.5 ton to 10 ton, container access, diesel or electric.

Heavy Duty Cable Stand

Suitable for all types of cables up to 150mm diameter. Stand is rated to 10 Ton and the maximum drum diameter is 3500mm.

16 Hydraulic Power Pack

Skid mounted diesel powered portable unit 16 gallons per minute at 2000 PSI. Can also be configured for 2 separate circuits of 8gallons per minute.

64 Hydraulic Power Pack

Trailer mounted diesel powered portable unit 64 gallons per minute at 3000 PSI.

Linear Cable Engine

3 wheel pair cable hauler with solid tyres. Machine has 6 independent AC motors. Comes complete with spare drives and capable of pulling tensions up to 2 tons continuous at speeds of up to 150m per minute.

Pad Linear Cable Hauler

Tracked Linear cable hauler with polypropylene grip pads. Capable of speeds up to 50 metres per minute and tensions up to 2 Tons.

Hydraulic Winch

Skid mounted electric powered hydraulic winch with 30 Ton maximum puling capacity. Fitted with 2000 metres of 22mm-36mm wire rope. Suitable for long HDD cable installation.

Underwater Pneumatic Drill

Perfect for underwater use with rock drills – accepts 7/8” hex x 3 ¼’ shank.


250 KVA Silenced skid mounted diesel powered generator.

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