Protectorshell Articulated Pipe and Split Pipe

Protectorshell provides products and services in the subsea cable (submarine cable) and offshore cable industry ranging from the manufacturing of articulated pipe to the installation, repair and maintenance of subsea cables, fiber optic cables and offshore wind cables.

Protectorshell Articulated Pipe is a Cable Protection System (CPS) developed to provide shallow water abrasion and impact protection for subsea cables (submarine cables) and offshore wind cables. Protectorshell's Articulated Pipe is suitable for installation and recovery in water depths down to 100m. Protectorshell articulated pipe and split pipe has been used on various subsea cable shore-ends, cable pipeline crossings and post installation cable protection.

Protectorshell's Cable Protection System is used as optical subsea cable protection and consists of a range of over 20 different types of articulated pipe. Protectorshell articulated pipe is also used as offshore wind cable protection and many articulated pipe accessories designed specifically for the offshore wind, oil and gas industries are available. Protectorshell's offshore and undersea cable protection system has been used across all continents.

Protectorshell Services (originally MS Diversified Services) specialises in the cable installation, repair and maintenance of subsea fiber optic, offshore wind and power cables. The team is made up of Project Managers, Engineers and Technicians who have decades of experience in providing subsea cable installation, cable jointing, shore-end cable installation, subsea power cable installation, terrestrial cable installation and other subsea cable services.

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