Cable Installation Services

Protectorshell Services (originally MS Diversified Services or MSD) offers a range of comprehensive services to the submarine cable and offshore wind cable installation industries. Our focus is on providing niche services to cable system owners, suppliers and maintenance authorities.

Shore-end Cable Installation

Shore-end installation is the highest profile part of a submarine cable installation – Protectorshell Services (MSD) has the experience and resources to carry out this part of the project with professionalism, quality and safety in a cost effective manner.

Submarine Cable Installation (Subsea Cable Installation)

Protectorshell Services (MSD) was responsible for the submarine cable installation (subsea cable installation), which comprises of jointing the sea submarine cable at the beach to the terminal stations in several locations.

Terrestrial Cable Installation

Protectorshell Services (MSD) was responsible for the terrestrial cable installation which comprises of backhaul routes linking terminal stations with 144 fibre cables.

Joint, Test and Commission

Protectorshell Services (MSD) has both optical and power cable equipment for jointing, testing and commissioning.

Cable Jointing

Protectorshell Services (MSD) has experience and qualification in a number of propriety joints for submarine and terrestrial cables.

Land Site Feasibility

Protectorshell Services (MSD) has the experience and knowledge to provide a report on the suitability on any given site (or for a site already chosen) a plan for the installation of a submarine cable system. Recommendations for System Earth Design.

Joint Training and Development

Protectorshell Services (MSD) have conducted Training Courses in the Installation, and jointing of terrestrial and submarine transmission and power cables.

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