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Protectorshell Group is dedicated to providing innovation and value in cable protection products and cable installation services in the subsea cable (submarine cable), offshore wind and oil and gas industries.

Protectorshell Group designs and manufactures its Protectorshell articulated pipe (Split Pipe) cable protection system for subsea cable protection, offshore wind cable protection, terrestrial cable protection, undersea cable protection and other forms of protection.

Protectorshell Group also manufactures offshore cable protection accessories including J-Tube Seals, Bend Restrictors, Bend Stiffeners and other offshore cable accessories.

Protectorshell (Asia-Pacific) (Originally MS Diversified Services or MSD Services), founded in 2002 and based in Sydney, Australia, offers our Protectorshell Cable Protection System (CPS) products to the Asia-Pacific region and its Protectorshell Services globally.

Protectorshell (EMEA and Americas), based in La Coruña, Spain and founded in 2009, manufactures Protectorshell articulated pipe Cable Protection System (CPS) and offshore wind accessories in Spain and offers the products to the European, Middle Eastern, North American, South American and African regions.

Protectorshell Services provides comprehensive services to the submarine cable and offshore wind cable installation industries. The Protectorshell subsea cable installation company is available globally and located at the Protectorshell (Asia-Pacific) offices.

The Protectorshell Services team has over 30 years of hands-on experience in the installation, repair and maintenance of submarine fiber optic, subsea offshore wind, subsea power cables and terrestrial cables. The team is made up of Project Managers, Engineers and Technicians who have decades of experience in providing subsea cable installation, cable jointing, subsea power cable installation, terrestrial cable installation and other subsea cable services.

You can be assured that our personnel have the skills, experience and knowledge to manage and complete tasks promptly and efficiently with the upmost regard for quality.

Protectorshell Split Pipe Cable Protection System (CPS)

Protectorshell Products and Services

Cable Protection System (CPS)
The Protectorshell clip together articulated pipe cable protection system providing shallow water abrasion and impact protection for submarine (subsea) cables & offshore wind cables.
Shore-end Cable Installation
Cost effective and innovative solutions for cable installation including project management, equipment, articulated pipe and cable burial.
Submarine Cable Installation
Submarine Cable Installation (Subsea Cable Installation) across the world with a track record across Asia-Pacific, Middle East, USA, India, Caribbean and others.
Cable Jointing
Fiber Optic Cable Jointing services for a number of proprietary joints.
Offshore Wind Cable Installation
Offshore Wind Cable Installation services. Subsea Power Cable Installation. Floating Wind Cable Installation.
Joint, Test and Commission
Jointing, Testing and Commissioning services for both optical, offshore wind and power cables with a variety of equipment.
Land Site Feasibility
Report on the suitability on any given site and plans for the installation of a submarine cable system (subsea cable system).
Cable Jointing Training
Training Courses in the installation and cable jointing of terrestrial and submarine fiber optic and power cables.
Equipment Hire
Range of equipment suited to subsea cable installation and terrestrial cable installation for hire.
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