Protectorshell Poly076

Articulated Poly Pipe (Split Pipe)

Protectorshell Poly Articulated Pipe Cable Protection System

Protectorshell Poly Articulated Pipe Cable Protection System (CPS) has been developed to provide shallow water abrasion and impact protection for fiber optic cables, subsea cables, submarine cables and offshore wind cables.

Protectorshell Poly has all the features of traditional Protectorshell Articulated Pipe (Split Pipe) combined with a non‐metal material for use where metallic products are not needed or are not able to be used. The key uses for Protectorshell Poly are at higher armoured cable crossing over lower armoured cables (Crossing Protection), or inshore protection where aggressive microbiological corrosion is an issue. Protectorshell Poly can be interfaced with ductile iron Protectorshell and is available with a wide range of adaptors and attachment.

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Product NameProtectorshell Poly Articulated Pipe
Product TypeCable Protection System (CPS)
Segment Length - Overall550mm
Effective Installed Length/segment pair500mm
Minimum Internal Diameter55mm - for cables up to 47mm diameter
Maximum External Diameter175mm
Wall Thickness12mm
Tensile Strength / Elongation40MPa / 18% elongation
Impact ResistanceTBA
Minimum Bend Diameter4.0m
Weight per Segment4.4kg
Weight per installed metre (air)8.8kg
Weight per installed metre (water)0.88kg
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