J-Tube Articulated Pipe Adaptor (Female)

Protectorshell J-Tube Seal Offshore Wind Cable Protection System

Allows a seamless finishing interface for Protectorshell articulated pipe to a J-Tube for an offshore wind structure.

J-Seal P/NoProtectorshell IDMAX. Cable Dia
PSJ-0040⌀ 40mm⌀ 38mm
PSJ-0055⌀ 55mm⌀ 47mm
PSJ-0076⌀ 76mm⌀ 66mm
PSJ-0100⌀ 100mm⌀ 88mm
PSJ-0120⌀ 120mm⌀ 108mm
PSJ-0140⌀ 140mm⌀ 127mm
PSJ-0160⌀ 160mm⌀ 145mm
PSJ-0180⌀ 180mm⌀ 163mm
PSJ-0200⌀ 200mm⌀ 180mm
PSJ-0210⌀ 210mm⌀ XXXmm
PSJ-0230⌀ 230mm⌀ 210mm
PSJ-0260⌀ 260mm⌀ 235mm
PSJ-0280⌀ 280mm⌀ 260mm
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