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Swivel and Hauling Eye Set

Protectorshell Hauling Eye
Protectorshell Hauling Eye Cable Installation
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A hauling eye is a means of securely attaching an armoured cable and hauling hardware.

The advantage of a hauling eye is that it can be fabricated to suit duct diameters which are marginally larger than the armoured cable itself. Swivels can also be integrated with the hauling eye as per the picture. The hauling eye is attached to the armour wire of the cable using crimped ferrules.

This Hauling eye is specifically intended for hauling SA, SAL and SPSA cables throughducts or directionally drilled conduits with an inner diameter greater than 89mm. The connection between the swivel and hauling eye is a simple clevis. The cable is terminated to the hauling eye with conventional crimp ferrules. The safe working load of the unit is 6000kg with breaking strain in excess of 18000kg.

The hauling eye and swivel minimises the number of components required to attach the cable to the hauling line and also streamlines the connection process.

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