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UJ/UQJ Joint Protection Kit

Protectorshell UJ UQJ Joint Protection Kit

This Modular coupling system accepts our line of Protectorshell PS040, PS055GIII and PS076 articulated pipe.

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UJ Joint Protection Kit Length – Overall length2.972m (Shroud extension x 7)
UJ Kit WeightApprox. 217kg
UQJ Joint Protection Kit Length – Overall length2.372m (Shroud extension x 5)
UQJ Kit WeightApprox. 169kg
Wall Thickness9mm
MaterialDuctile Iron to AS1831 / ISO 1083
Tensile Strength / Elongation400MPa / 15%
Impact Resistance≥7.5KJ
Shroud extension dimensions300mm – 23.40kg
Coupling dimensions436mm – 23.40kg
FastenersM12x50 Bolts and M12 Nyloc Nuts
Material: Stainless Steel G316/A4
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